Paper-cutting Art Bridges Cultures -- Successful Online Cultural Exchange Between Dezhou City and Russia



On September 15th (13:30 Beijing time, 8:00 Russian time), the Publicity Department of the Dezhou Municipal Committee, in partnership with Russia’s “ECOTEH” National School, effectively organized an online cultural exchange event bridging China and Russia.

The event revolved around the captivating art of Chinese paper-cutting and featured a presentation and instructional session by Ms. Shi Junlan, the President of the Yucheng City Paper-Cutting Association in Dezhou. Through video conferencing, she shared the enchantment of Chinese paper-cutting with Russian students.

As a traditional Chinese art form with deep historical roots and widespread appeal, paper-cutting holds a prominent position in Chinese culture. Ms. Shi Junlan, serving as the President of the Paper-Cutting Association in Yucheng City, Dezhou, not only possesses exceptional paper-cutting skills but also imparted this craft to Russian students through hands-on teaching.

During the online event, Ms. Shi Junlan provided comprehensive insights into the history, characteristics, and fundamental techniques of Chinese paper-cutting. Through live demonstrations and interactive teaching, Russian students eagerly embraced the opportunity to try their hand at paper-cutting, gaining a firsthand experience of the allure of Chinese paper-cutting art. Students from Russia’s “ECOTEH” National School displayed remarkable enthusiasm and active engagement throughout the event. They enthusiastically participated in interactive sessions via video conferencing, diligently acquiring paper-cutting skills, and expressed their intention to share their newfound knowledge with fellow students and friends.

The successful execution of this China-Russia online cultural exchange event has not only bolstered friendship between the two nations but has also fostered cultural exchanges among Chinese and Russian youth. It has enabled China’s exceptional traditional culture to be shared with a broader audience, allowing more people to comprehend and appreciate the profound legacy of Chinese traditional culture. The collaboration between the Publicity Department of the Dezhou Municipal Committee and Russia’s “ECOTEH” National School serves as a new model for Sino-Russian cultural exchanges.

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