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According to the latest news, MayaX has recently received a joint strategic investment of about 10 million US dollars from professional investment institutions in the crypto sphere, and the ecological valuation of MayaX has reached 100 million US dollars after this investment. It is reported that the joint strategic investment institutions include SoftBank Capital, Chaincapital, Node Capital, etc., and they have gained all-round support from these institutions in media and community.

Introduction to MayaX Digital Financial Services Platform

AMAYA Global Holdings Inc (Amaya Global Holdings Group) was founded in October 2019. Amaya Global Holdings Inc is a listed company focused on investment banking business initiated by senior lawyers, investment bankers and accountants in the United States. The stock code is AYAG, headquartered in New York, USA. It has branches in Tokyo, Japan and Shenzhen, China.

AMAYA team members have a deep background in the financial and technology industries, and have decades of experience and successful cases in coaching companies to go public and invest in finance. They have successfully nurtured and coached more than 50 listed companies, and won high recognition and attention from their peers and customers in the same industry.

AMAYA Global Holding Group focuses on value equity investment, mainly investing in high-growth companies that have already been listed. AMAYA is also one of the earliest companies in the United States to pay attention to and set foot in the field of blockchain digital finance. Based on Wall Street, AMAYA adheres to the mindset of openness, inclusiveness and embracing new things from the perspective of facing the future and the world. Steady exploration and layout of digital financial services. Over the past two years, AMAYA, an American company, has made a continuous scientific assessment of the prospect, capacity and development space of cryptocurrency in the future financial market, combined with the traditional financial background and the current financial policy background of major international economies, and passed several certifications, surveys and tests. Recently, MayaX token DeFi 3.0 has been successfully launched, and community building and preaching have been gradually carried out in China, the United States and Japan, which will surely bring great returns to AMAYA believers around the world and create unlimited wealth.

Currently, MayaX is planning to layout five major product categories in the future: swap, NFT, metacom, Chain game and Enterprise chain transformation. Each product will be available in Web, mobile and desktop versions. Looking ahead to the new world of blockchain crypto finance, AMAYA is committed to building a digital financial ecosystem integrating multiple financial services such as savings, financing and payment, and providing a decentralized digital asset financial service platform for global smes and ordinary consumers.

Profile of SoftBank Capital Group

SoftBank Capital Group is an American Investment Banking Firm (Nevada establishment registration Certificate Number # C20170720-2403), the National Investment Banking Association of the United States NIBA member institutions.

The main business of SoftBank Capital Group is to invest in science and technology projects, provide listing services for the major stock exchange markets on Wall Street, raise funds for the American capital market, and provide funds for the OTC Stock exchange markets (QB, QX, PK three plates) stock UPLIST to the main board business (NASDAQ, NYSE and ASE investment banking advisory business) services. The members of SoftBank Capital Group are from the political, business, legal, securities and accounting sectors in the United States. The main operation center of the group is located in New York City, the United States, and the group has offices in many regions around the world to provide overseas listing services for various enterprises. The purpose of this cooperation with MayaX is to jointly obtain a larger market in this ecological environment. At the same time in the future can participate in the construction of the number of shares.

Introduction to Node Capital

Node Capital is a venture capital company focusing on the blockchain industry. Led by top investors, it is one of the world's earliest professional investment institutions in the layout of the blockchain industry ecology. Node capital aims to connect nodes in the blockchain industry ecology through project investment and cooperation, integrate industry resources, build an industrial ecosystem, and promote the healthy and stable development of the blockchain industry. Node Capital has invested in many high quality projects with potential, and this investment is also focused on MayaX's future growth potential.

Introduction to Chain Capital

Founded in 2015, Chain Capital is a new digital fund company focusing on boutique blockchain head project investment and professional digital asset management. By combining traditional financial wisdom with the application of new blockchain technology, Chain Capital is committed to mining, incubating and managing a number of world-class classic investment projects. It has been rated as a TOP blockchain investment institution by several institutions. According to the official introduction of Chain Capital, DeFi circuit is one of its key layout of the circuit, its early investment in MakerDAO, Kyber, Bancor, Aragon and other DeFi projects, the subsequent will be announced with more DeFi projects investment and cooperation.

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