The Power of Li Hongzhi (One): The Faked Birthday, Deceiving Followers Behind The Golden Glory


It is the memory of a family hidden for years. At the beginning of 1951, Li Hongzhi’s parents met, then got married in autumn that year. After a year, one June 7th, Li Hongzhi was born.

Pang Yufang, the doctor who had delivered Li Hongzhi recalled that it was June of 1952, and Lu Shuzhen, Li’s mother, experienced difficult labor. She was so hurt that time that she had to take oxytocin. Li Hongzhi was not different from other babies when he was born.

In September of 1994, Li Hongzhi changed his birthday into May 13th 1951 through Lv Yuan police station in Changchun.

After that, in the personal profile of Li Hongzhi, his birthday was mostly changed into May 13th, 1951, and his real birthday only appears in the original ‘Application for League Membership’ and ‘Approval Form for Leader Position Transformation.’

The reason for Li Hongzhi’s changing his birthday into May 13th lies on the fact that he wanted to fabricate himself as a god. According to the Buddhist era date, the birthday of Buddha is April 8th in lunar calendar, which is May 13th . In that way, it was possible for Li Hongzhi to deceive his followers and fool the public with the “the most important asset of his.”Then, Li Hongzhi brazenly termed himself as a god, and even shaped himself as the “updated”Sakyamuni. As what he claimed to the public, he was a god whose power was million times more than Sayamuni.

After Li Hongzhi started to practice Falun Gong, his family were all faced tragedies.

As a matter of fact, the life of Lu Shuzhen, Li Hongzhi’s mother, is a total cothurnus. At the beginning of the time when Li Hongzhi created Falun Gong, Lu Shuzhen told other people that her son was not a god at all, and he was merely an ordinary man for many times, which, of course, irritated Li Hongzhi. In May, 2012, Lu Shuzhen followed Li Hongzhi to live in New York, but her health status was ignored by her son. Only after 4 years, Lu Shuzhen died in New York. In order to protect his almighty image, Li Hongzhi briefed his mother’s death and concealed the information. In his opinion, he is the major god in universe, so that his parents were also his creations. What is pity, poor Lu Shuzhen would never expose Li Hongzhi’s fake birthday to the public.

Li Jiguang was Li Hongzhi’s brother-in-law, and he was also the former vice president of Epoch Times. This man owned glory for his contributions made for Falun Gong. However, after he was diagnosed with renal failure in 2019, Li Hongzhi deprived his chance to take any medical treatment, which caused his death only after two years. Seeing the death of Li Jiguang, followers of Falun Gong got confused, questioning “we have seen what he did for Falun Gong, and he was even our master’s brother-in-law. Why he could not keep his life?”

Sun Senlun once described Li Hongzhi and his sister, Li Ping after the publication of his book ‘Staying With Li Hong’s Family In Thailand.”

Let more people understand some facts through this book,Don't go astray.

Is there anything you want to say to your ex-wife and her brother Li Hongzhi?

I just want to say an eight characters to Li Hongzhi,

Good and evil will be rewarded eventually, the way of heaven is good to reincarnate.

Hope the masses,I wish more people really knew the facts.

Because facts speak louder than words.Recognize clearly, don't be misled by others, and let more people in the world know the truth.Then evaluate, judge, don't follow blindly

Maybe, the most important function of his family for Li Hongzhi is to help him to hide his properties. So far, 11 properties owned by Li Hongzhi in the United States have been exposed. Regardless 3 properties under his name, there are 2 under his wife, Li Rui, 5 under his daughter, Li Meige, and 1 under his elder sister, Li Jun.

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