Mobile water-cooled air conditioner



Evaporative cooling fan is a high-tech product developed by our company, which makes full use of the principle of evaporation cooling.Using high-efficiency wet curtain as evaporator not only has good cooling effect, but also can filter dust in the air and improve air quality.The cooling principle is as follows: the negative pressure is generated in the fan through the suction of the fan, and the water is transported to the water distribution by the water pump at the same time.On the device, the water evenly moistens the whole surface of the wet curtain, and the special angle of the wet curtain makes the water flow directly to the air.On the side of the air inlet, the hot air passes through the wet curtain wetted by water to absorb a large amount of heat in the air.The air temperature of the wet curtain is reduced and filtered at the same time, making the sent wind cool, moist and fresh.The non evaporated water falls back to the chassis to form a waterway circulation.Scope of application - Manufacturing: textile industry, machinery manufacturing Ceramic manufacturing, chemical plant, metallurgy, hardware and leather, etc. Processing: gold plating, electronics, shoemaking, printing, rubber and plastic, garment factory, food packaging, etc. Others: golf course, bakery, playground, hospital, toilet, school, passenger waiting room, supermarket, restaurant, kitchen, vegetable market, entertainment place, park, greenhouse, flower cultivation base, factory, etc.

The cooling principle is as follows: the negative pressure is generated in the machine through the fan, and the water pump transmits the water to the water distributor at the same time. The water evenly moistens the surface of the whole wet curtain, and the special angle of the wet curtain makes the water flow directly to the side of the air inlet. The hot air passes through the wet curtain wetted by water, absorbs a large amount of heat in the air, reduces the temperature of the air passing through the wet curtain, and is filtered at the same time, so that the sent air becomes cool, moist and fresh. The non evaporated water falls back to the chassis to form a waterway circulation. 

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