Liene Newly Launched 2x3 inch Mini Instant Portable Photo Printer Brings New Holiday Lifestyle


New York, NY - Recently, Liene launched 2x3 inch Mini Instant Portable Photo Printer, bringing a new holiday lifestyle. People like recording their lives through different ways all over world. Taking photos and filming vlogs are the two most common ways. With the mobile phones’ strong function, people can not only record their important moments like wedding, birthday party and family gathering but also can record their daily life like cooking, house cleaning moment and even personal alone time. However, digital form of these records cannot satisfy people’s needs now. The printed photos that can be touched are more welcoming.

Liene, a young but innovative photo printer brand, was born in the above background. Founded on March 13, 2017, Liene actively promotes the mobility, networking and intelligence of the printer industry. It focuses on printing, focuses on all resources, deeply cultivates industries and products, communicates with users through products, endorses brands with quality, and develops a series of high-quality products or services that meet consumers' printing habits and printing needs.

According to IDC and Liene's internal incomplete statistics, the company has won the first place in the domestic China photo printer market with a market share of more than 60% and it also has a market share of nearly 10% in domestic China inkjet printers. Liene has also launched a variety of products, which have been widely recognized by the market. Its 4x6'' Photo Printer has adopted the BSR position on Amazon for long time, together with the big names in photo printing market like Canon and Kodak.

In 2022, Liene launched 2x3 inch Mini Instant Portable Photo Printer, which has been highly recognized by the customers and influencers in the social media.

Among all the advantages of the 2x3 inch pocket photo printer, what most attracts people to follow is that it is portable and instant printing. Imagine that people joined a nice party, took a lot of great pictures and the pictures can come out from the phone album directly through Liene 2x3 inch photo printer. How cool the experience they will get! Wonderful moments come true in the real world.

Except for its strong function, its appearance design has also made it a very fancy gift to enter the Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas Gift List. With three colors: White, Pink and Green available, people can never fee hard to choose one for their beloved friends or relatives.

View Liene 2x3 inch Instant Photo Printer on Amazon:

Now the 2022 holiday shopping season is in full swing, Liene store on Amazon have offered a lot of attractive coupons to make the products more cost-efficient for buyers. Don’t miss it!

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